Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wanted perfect Mate, Meet all My requirements and Quash Yours!

I've been doing some research this week in preparation for launching a new feature on the Connections For Women web site. We're planning, in conjunction with two of our experts, to offer on-line dating makeovers to members; a sort of coaching opportunity where we will review profiles, photos and goals. We'll encourage honesty and a clear vision of what the reader is after. And here's where my research has left me reeling. Over the past week I have read literally hundreds of profiles of both men and women 40 plus years old. I've been into the big sites and the boutique sites and I've come away reeling at the banality and obvious lack of thought that goes into marketing ones self. Oh there are some good ones and they stand out big time but the dross that you have to wade through is extraordinary.
I'm not just talking about the cliched 'likes walks on the beach' stuff but the dismissive, I'd say rude, biographies and statements that some people write. "Don't contact me if......" and a long list of what FoxyGal in Boston isn't looking for. Or BigAl in NM's insistence that "my lady be willing to be put on a pedestal". Come on people, get real.
On-line dating IS socially acceptable - chances are you know more that one person in your work-place or social group that has given it a try. Sons do it, daughters do it, ex husbands do it even educated grandmoms do it has achieved the status of the norm. read the glitzy NYT wedding announcements and you'll find people who met through the internet