Thursday, April 11, 2013

Onwards! Oh Say Can You Blog ......

Phew - that was a long sleep! But with temperatures in the seventies, orange tree full of blossom and two hummingbird nests on the back patio it's definitely time to come out of hibernation.

Both and our blog site have been subject of much discussion, reorganisation and forward planning ( see, we didn't just sleep all winter - we were thinking!) and moving forward do we have a deal for you. Seriously, we do.

One of the more frequent subjects in emails we receive is along the lines of "I write a blog on .... can you give me any ideas on where to publish" and secondly "I'd love to write articles that I think would interest your market , are you interested in receiving same for possible inclusion...."  A resounding answer to the second topic is yes, we want your articles. And as for Blogs - well, we're turning over the entire Connections For Women to fellow writers and bloggers so come and join the party. If you want to grow your existing blog  what better place to link to than Connections for Women with an established readership.

A few guidelines to keep in mind. Our readers are definitely 40 plus, significant number are Boomers so subject matter must hold interest for that demographic  - think multigenerational housing, caring for aging parents or spouses, travel with ( or without) a budget, keeping fit and mobile, stretching the food budget, perils of dating, second ( third, fourth?) marriages.  What do you and your friends love to talk about? How do you fill retirement?  The possibilities are pretty endless, from a good book suggestion to a synopsis of your own self-published book. 

We invite submissions from men and women both ( guys, women do really think you have something to say!) so connect with us and we'll open the conversation.

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