Friday, February 1, 2013

Not Dead, Just Sleeping!

Ever been in a funk - a deep purple all enveloping funk? Can't get out of bed, don't know what to wear, lose contact with friends, eat ice-cream and potato chip sandwiches at midnight, can't do a thing with your hair  sort of funk.

Well that's where Connections for Women has been the past year. Mulling change, envisioning change and doing nothing about it! So the snap out of it didn't occur on January 1 but it's February 1 and we are only a month late!

Here's the plan - invite many of the first class bloggers, feature writers, fiction writers out there to come home. Home to the pages of   Choose your landing spot - relationships, sexuality, caring, sharing, giving, travel, cooking, gardening, life-style, finance, health, family, a balanced life

Tell a good tale, offer something new - we're done with left-overs - bring some sassy advice, sage words, witty musings - and we'll give you a home.  500 word fiction on any of the above topics also welcome. Keep it clean, relevant.  Make us laugh, make us think, make us get up and do something. CONNECT!
We offer a beautifully designed, user friendly website, a solid readership and a the sky's the limit approach to working with you. We'll do rapid turnover, easy access to archives.

Not interested in links to advertising disguised as content, purloined  re-hashes, bland blah, can find those everywhere you click. We're looking for fresh, feisty point of views from men and women out of their youth but definitely not "out of it". Come on over - the Connection is waiting.