Monday, July 23, 2012

So Many Consultants - So Little Time!


Holed up at the cabin enjoying perfect weather and the company of an old friend from way back when daysLast night over a bottle of very good wine and dinner we traded stories of time  spent in the internet dating pool.  No names mentioned but we both had a very similar experience with the Big One.

Being of a certain age - past 65 - and single, I'm widowed, she's divorced - we fall into a far from endangered group of women.  No way even close to prime as far as we are concerned but apparently less savoury than three day old fish to men in the same age range!  To be fair to men, we are both in evolving relationships  at this stage of life, and to men three or more years younger,  but neither of us met them through the the magical matching system of E Harmony.

Despite adherence to the rules, filling in the interminable "matching criteria " questionnaire there seemed to be little precise about the matches sent our way. Both of us have a loathing for extreme religious and political posturing - both of us were sent potential soul-mates spewing extreme point of view and showing little tolerance for anyone who disagreed. We each narrowed down a geographic area yet were were sent matches from the furthermost borders of the country.  And for age range, no offense guys but 92 is simply too old, just as 50 is too young! She's a townie - you have no idea what it took to convince her to visit my boonies far from civilisation - and I will add that she arrived without one pair of shoes suitable for even a gentle off-road walk, and yet she was matched with 'off to the woods and let's survive on what we catch' men. Me on the other hand am a resolute out-door gal and many of my matches had no interest in any landscape not paved over.

And as for the consultants. It would appear based on our experience, that 90 percent of men over 60 list an occupation as "consultant" but give no hint of just what they consult in.

I know I'm exaggerating but come on - someone needs to get real here. Be very interested in hearing from men and women over 60 their real-life experiences with internet dating.  I know the pond is small, especially for women but like the heron and osprey who fish my pond on a regular basis, you've got to have hope of landing a fish to keep you coming back!


  1. From the POV of a 72 year old male, have to say that the quality of women 65 plus on EH and Match is astounding. So many attractive interesting women that I've been spoiled for choice. Give me maturity over youth any day and I hope I'm not alone in believing that.

    Brian - retired MD in Ohio.

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