Friday, April 8, 2011

A Pox On Many Heads!

Might be an ancient curse but it fits my mood today. I'm a mild-mannered woman - that despite once red hair and Irish genes. I'm slow to boil, quick to forgive, never pushy in a line, never knowingly mean and disparaging of others. Except today!

My general dislike of phone companies has been noted previously but today I'm riding my high horse about several things that I think worthy of a plague descending on the heads of those responsible. OK - hands up. How many of you have suffered a near death experience by sharp object trying to open a packet of soap, glue, cell phone - you name it - of late. Since when was it written that the common kitchen implements should include blow-torch, chain-saw, flame-thrower, Samurai sword and many, many sharp ( well they were sharp when I began) knives.  I have just tried to extricate a small bottle of window cleaner from the clutches of womb like bondage to the larger "convenient" re-fill bottle only to puncture the 'mother' bottle with scissors! Monday I gave up trying to get my guaranteed anti-wrinkle fade in seven days cream from it's plastic snuggery - I'm three days behind in the wrinkle battle and still can't get the darn thing open. I do have an impressive cut in my butcher block and an equally impressive one on my wrist. Not because I was intentionally trying to slit it but because the chisel I was using ( this was desperation time) to break into the molded plastic "protective" wrapping slipped. Will say that on that one - strong man stepped in with "let me do it, honey" routine only to retreat in defeat.

Next up - hoses that kink! My gardener of close to 10 years fired me a few months ago in a fit of manly pique. Since then I've reclaimed my land - have recovered my love for messing around in dirt and am having great fun doing things my way.  But those hoses! Have just been re-potting, thoroughly indulging myself when I should be finishing up the tax paperwork ( maybe the government will shut down the IRS for the year) . Dragged the hose to the far end of the patio to water a transplant - hose kinked, water supply stopped, I tried the old lasso swinging trick to remove kink, lost footing, fell into pool. 63F is not warm. I came close to walking on water to get out.

Final one for the day - I promise. People who do NOT return shopping carts to a safe place in parking lots.  We've had a couple of days of wind here in Tucson and grocery carts were flying like leaves across the parking lot at the local Safeway (will note that Trader Joe customers are more considerate). Saw several cars gets banged; saw several totally indifferent people abandon carts and get into their cars.

Now for the good stuff - am doing what was heralded as a "Patio Dinner" to celebrate the end of winter tomorrow night. Oops - blissful weather turning into a reprise of winter - going to be 55F wet and windy tomorrow so the party will move inside.  Taking it easy on myself and roasting a chickens with lemon and herbs, ginger and lemon polenta and ratatouille - all done ahead. Only snag is the complete absence of eggplant in any store. Plan B.

Genny and I after close to four years of nurturing Connections For Women are moving on and seeking a dynamic, visionary woman or women to take over the helm. Contact us for details.

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