Monday, November 1, 2010

Anything but Sleepless in Seattle

I've been in Seattle the past few days - a combination of business and pleasure.  Definitely more pleasure! I always enjoy visiting and never fail to entertain thoughts about moving here. Saturday morning the sun shone brightly, the Olympics, dusted with snow broke through a wreath of cloud, and the water in the sound was blue - great day.

It's not just the beauty of the physical setting of Seattle that I love - there is a genuine niceness and warmth about the people here. My yardstick for measuring a city is partially based on how comfortable I am as a single woman of certain age dining alone. Seattle always comes out on top.

Two old favorites revisited for dinner this visit and each one lived up to past memories. The Dahlia Lounge - unpretentious, always superb food. Far from being shuffled to a table for one next to the restrooms I was squarely in the middle of the action, able to people watch and enjoy  steamed clams spiked with spicy sausage nuggets, infused with a sun-dried tomato broth.  Steelhead Diner on Pine - great table with a view of the Sound - again people watching central, so much fun and the roasted  halibut only added to the pleasure of the evening. 

Tried a new place on Thursday - Boka Cafe . Definitely more hip than I qualify for but even though gray heads were few and far between, the young staff were welcoming and kind. I got in on the tail end of Restaurant Week at Boka and had a three course dinner for $25.00.  Moved out of my comfort zone and tried "pork cheeks" - give me more!

When I visit a city where civility appears to be the norm I'm somewhat saddened by the fact that civility, something that should be at the center of our interactions with one another, is so rare a quality these days that when it is experienced it is remarkable.

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  1. How wonderful! I have always wanted to visit Seattle and your post has made it even more appealing.
    One of the best parts of travelling is eating out alone. It takes a bit of courage at first but it is often the highlight of my trips!


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