Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Western Drug and Really "Cool Stuff"

My daughter came up to the cabin with her youngest and two other young boys in tow to join Ben for a long weekend.  Lisa is a Smith graduate and for as long as I can remember wanted a sister and then, once married, wanted a daughter. No such luck on both counts - she's stuck with males. I'm sharing her account of a day with two 9 year olds and tw0 12 year olds - or almost 13 as they are quick to point out. Me? I bailed once the cabin was over run with males!
I'm sharing her e mail on events.

Today the boys met the horses including a foal who tried hard to eat Mike's shorts. They went swimming in the lake -- entry into the lake involved a lot of discussion about their "nards" and how far under the water their "nards" were.  After the swim, they all had to check to make sure that their "nards" were still there.  Henry declared that he had "hair" down there.  Ever helpful, Ben looked and concluded that it was pond scum.  

Next was the construction of the great fort.  Henry breathlessly explained, "Mom, we need your expertise!"  So, I guess I'm good for something. 

We went to the local organic farm to see if they had any good pizza toppings.  Mike believes that pepperoni is grown organically.  He argued quite vigorously that indeed pepperoni grows on trees.  The farmer did not have any pepperoni trees, but we did get some beautiful broccoli florets. 

Then off to the bustling metropolis of Eagar/Springerville for a visit to the Great Western Drug Store.  I know what you're thinking..."you took the boys to CVS or Walgreens -- how odd?"  

Western Drug trumps CVS/Walgreens any day.  This store was THE model for Walmart and Target.  It is has most likely been in existence since pioneer days -- some of its merchandise having been in place since the grand opening day circa 1930. Western Drug is the place you go if you need hemorrhoid cream and an AK 47; if you need to shrink wrap a javelina...Western Drug; if you need Playboy shot glasses and a monkey pinata -- yup, Western Drug is your place; if you have a hankering for doing a water color painting while bleaching your teeth, and also outfitting your 2-day old infant in guessed it, Western Drug.  It is boy heaven.  The walls are lined with dead animals...just their heads, of course -- gleaming teeth and bristling hair -- lined up above the supply of every firearm known to mankind.  The Michigan Militia could arm all of its members here.  

I was only moderately alarmed to note some of the inventory -- the Sasquatch Big Stick is featured prominently.  This is evidently Big Foot's beef jerky -- or maybe you turn hairy if you eat it?  My gross out limit was reached while noting that the Bull Elk in Rut Urine products were featured in the same aisle as the Depends products.  Is that really necessary?  I spent some time lingering in the cosmetics aisle...trying to counteract the visions of hunters smeared in elk urine wearing Depends. They have a rather large display of Wet n' Wild products;  fantasies of mud masks were dashed by the boys who found me to insist that they had found the "coolest" stuff  -  Cooler than Big Foot's food product? -  Cooler than deer mule and elk musk?

Cap guns and ice cream cones....what could be better?  Oh, yeah, the flint that Ben and Justin wanted would have added to the purchases and probably put me in the running for mom of the year.  "But mom, it's just for making sparks not flames."  Ahh..right.  NO.  NO.  NO. 

And so for the moment, they are engaged in a cap gun battle -- the rain is starting up again and I expect them to burst indoors any moment.  Pizza making is on for tonight -- dough has been rising all afternoon.  (oh, and I might have a glass of wine!)

We have grand plans for chocolate croissants and a hike in the morning then we'll clean up, pack up, and head out -- probably on the road by 1pm at the latest!  

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