Friday, August 27, 2010

Communication Companies Rip Us Off

Yes, perhaps the title of this post is alerting you to the fact that I'm about to rant big time about my internet provider - COMCAST. I've been a customer for over 10 years. I pay my bills on time. I've been off-line more than I have been on this past month. Constant drop-out of service; endless "on-hold" most of the time calls with technical support personnel who all split infinitives, - (that's a pet peeve for another day - "patiently waiting" is the last thing I'm doing now!) and sound as though they are underwater. The most inane advice given is to "go to our website" - this when I'm off-line. And then the gall to attempt to up-sell me on services and remind me that I can have up to seven or was it seventeen email addresses - all I want is one that is reliable.
One solution offered was that they send a new modem - time frame ? Five days! Rather than wait I drove 48 miles round-trip to pick one up at the Comcast store. The new modem has not solved the drop-out issue.

For this so-called service I've been paying in excess of $60 a month - a few minutes ago I called customer service and asked what they proposed doing to keep my loyalty. "We can give you a promotional rate of $39" says the chirpy, earnest young man getting the full force of my ire. And here's my primary beef with all this. Why can't they offer the same rates they use to lure in new customers to existing customers? Makes sense to me as a business model to keep your old customers happy and not rip them off. It's the same with the cell phone companies - gripe and you get a better rate. Just be aware that if you are being shafted by a service provider and you see one of those ads luring in new customers at a discounted rate that you need to get on the phone and demand the same rate.
Hoping that this posts before I lose service again! Meanwhile I have put my Sunday plans on-hold - Comcast is sending out a technician. Whoopee.


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  2. Hi There,

    I'm sorry to learn about the troubles you've had with your Internet service. Please email our team at the address below. We'll review your account with local leadership and see that this matter is resolved. Thanks for the feedback. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa Mendoza
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  3. I have let Comcast know my service has dropped 19 times since 7 a.m. this morning! Wonder if the offer of help is PR talk or for real.

  4. Gerry,
    Please keep us informed of what happens with Comcast. As a provider of computer support to individuals and small businesses, I have a lot of Comcast customers and would like to help them more when they have problems.

  5. Well _ appear to have uninterrupted internet service again. A technician was out yesterday (yes - Sunday!) and replaced a cable between my house and the box. Cable was unsheathed, thrown across a desert wash. When it was put in last May I suggested that it needed to be in a conduit but got the "not my job" look. Most recent technician says he has put in a work order to have it placed in a conduit and buried. We'll see. As for the three e mails I received from Comcast Customer Connect - all three asked one after the other that I provide my account information. I did so. Two responded with "we can't find your account".


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