Monday, August 30, 2010

Comcast - a Truce

My victory with Comcast can't be classified as a Phyrric one as the cost to me was not devastating - merely involved losing my temper, something that despite my Irish genes and once red hair, rarely happens. I'm still fuming over the fact that to get a response I had to lose my temper, and go public in this forum with my peeve. Saddened too, that as a woman who who prides herself on having good manners, I was forced into a corner with frustrating and inept customer service to the point that I was rude, and no doubt offensive to people only trying to do their job.

I am back on line. About 20 minutes ago I received a call from Comcast Corporate - a man named Mark. I'll not give out his last name nor his phone number but should any of you reach the level of frustration that I reached - e mail me and I'll give you his name and number! I told him I would do that. Our conversation was cordial, positive and sufficient to put on hold my plan to cancel Comcast service. He has assured me that I have a direct line to him should problems crop up in the future.

So I'm special! big deal. I shouldn't be getting special treatment - all customers are deserving of the same level of attention to a problem that my outburst brought about. I expressed to Mark my frustration with the condescending "talk from the script" approach used by the technical support reps - and I learned that Tucson customer support is now outsourced to the Philippines. Personally I'd like to subject every single management person in the company to a series of these calls - have them experience the painful approach to troubleshooting and the avoid at all costs involving a service call outcome. I let him know how discouraging it is for loyal customers to see "special rates" being offered to new customers and not to them.

For now there is a truce, the problems with service to my place resolved, a direct line of support established. Obviously I'm grateful for all of the above. Customer service is sacred in any business.

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  1. We "fired" Comcast a few months ago for similar reasons! We had been very long time customers and were paying more and more and more. When we called to cancel our service they offered us a better rate. We canceled anyway because we should have been getting a decent rate all along. Same run around. We'd rather deal with some other communications provider, thank you!


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