Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have you seen my glasses ....

 Elk in the pond
I made a Thai style shrimp curry for dinner the other night and learned there is a big difference between 1 tsp and 1 tbs in measurements.  Recipe called for 1-2 tsp. of Thai chili paste - without my glasses I read that as tablespoons and added an extra for good measure! Wow - talk about hot.

I need my glasses for a lot of things these days - reading labels in the market, reading the dials on the dishwasher and oven - long distance vision is great. I can spot an elk a mile away but my that close-up stuff is getting closer and closer - I'm beginning to wonder if my sense of smell will compensate and I'll find myself sniffing my way through the day much like dog does.

Hamish the Mighty Warrior

Dog - aka Hamish -  has discovered his inner hunter. This is a nine year old mutt who when the cat would bring offerings of choice mousie parts and lizard bits would all but shriek and jump on a chair. I'm really not sure what has unleashed his hunting instinct but he has discovered gophers and is dog seventh heaven.  Biggest problem is that the circa 1989 carpeting in the cabin (wood floors next year - window blinds this year - ordered through Connections for Women Shopping Deals at Just Blinds and saved over $4K on identical Solar blinds) could pass for a dead giraffe and the gophers blend in perfectly - really not sure how many might be lurking in that pathetic squished nap.

I received a gift at dawn yesterday morning that I can't put a price on but I could see! I woke around 5:15 am to first light and the sound of female elk trilling.  I wandered onto the deck and there at the bottom of my meadow five elk cows gathered around a sixth one who had literally just given birth. Within minutes that little thing - no bigger than a large dog - was on it's feet and suckling. I watched for about 15 minutes until the group dispersed over the hill.  Our valley is a major calving ground for elk. Two evenings in a row last year's juveniles came down to the ponds to frolic - I get so much joy in watching these bucolic scenes play out.

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