Saturday, January 23, 2010

What's not to love - starfish fingers, gas smiles

Finn was born in the wee hours of January 21 in Bangkok, he came 'home" to the apartment rented for the next few months a little while ago. Mom feels great; Dad looks like the cat that got the cream, and Maxine assures everyone that she loves "brudder" - personally I think she is more interested in snagging a set of bath toys someone left for the newborn.

He was born at the Samativej Sukhumvit Hospital - Annie received first class treatment from day one, and given the rough ride this little guy started out with he deserved the best. Parents live in Ethiopia and a malaria scare early in the pregnancy saw Annie medically evacuated to South Africa for care and for a while there things were touch and go. This 8lb.2 0z, 20.5 inch long boy is a testimony to his own grit and superb medical care in far-flung places. By the time he's a year old he will have been around the world.

What's not to love about a newborn? Peach fuzz tops a perfectly round head, eyes squint but never quite open and those star-fish little fingers reach out to the world. Doesn't matter what race or gender , newborns bring out the best in us.

Thinking of our good luck in having this perfect child received into a loving family, safe, warm, secure also makes me think of those newborns struggling now in Haiti and my heart goes out to frightened, destitute mothers. What contrast and how blessed I am.

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