Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve - and nature provides the decorations

With everyone snug under the roof here after a weather fraught drive up from Tucson, the cabin is in the usual chaos of family in residence. Six dogs too! and two of them not getting along so a lot of shuffling around and closing doors. Tuesday and Wednesday dumped mega amounts of snow but today the sky is brilliant blue and the snow dazzling - need sunglasses to look out of the windows.

When my
grandson and I arrived Sunday afternoon we got stuck in the lane and had to make several trips to get essentials into the cabin. Walking Knee deep in snow is quite a workout! We found someone to plough the lane Tuesday. We had our own little miracle here too. Neighbours have a breed of cattle that are very short, stocky and exceptionally friendly. One of the females gave birth Tuesday morning way out in the meadow. There are Mexican Gray Wolves and coyotes around so troops were rallied to safeguard the little one. I watched as three men, took turns to carry the new born through the snow to the barn - the entire event supervised by Mom, the other female and the bull. Quite a procession.

Enjoy nature's decorations - all the glitter you need.

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