Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Grandma's Golden Pond

The grandson saga up at the cabin continues. "Nothing to do", "I'm hungry", "I'm bored", "He's looking at me funny" - the early morning chorus rivals that of the birds. I've established some ground rules and the primary one is quit whining! It works. So does a healthy dose of creative bribery. "Give me an hour to work and then we'll do ...." and we check off something on the wish list. I've also involved them in cooking and clean up.

The oldest has it in his head that a 12 volt motor for the inflatable boat (I won't let them drill holes to mount one on the canoe - oh mean G'Ma!) is the only way to travel on the pond. He announced triumphantly that the box said the inflatable came with a 12 volt motor and mount. Show me I said. A quick search and no motor. That lead us to a definition of the word "optional". I left him to do the research through the manufacturer (he was on hold for 30 minutes) and then through dealers to locate a motor. No Arizona dealers appear to have one in stock so we will try our local "You need it, we've got it" Western Drugs. Seriously, this place has everything from knitting needles to ammunition. Between the two boys they assure me that they have the necessary money for this purchase but since their money is in Tucson I'll have to front the deal.

Meanwhile my golden pond is shimmering in morning light, hummingbirds are mobbing the feeders and the dogs are cleaning muddy paws under my feet. Why do dogs always assume you want them that close?

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