Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day

Happy day ladies. Moms, grandmoms, honorary moms - wishing you all treasured memories and love from your families and friends. I wonder how many children are whipping up something delicious for breakfast. One of my fondest memories is of my boys (the oldest was the instigator) "boiling" eggs in the microwave. One of my least fond memories is of my daughter (around 14 at the time) organising her young brothers and me for a breakfast at a local pancake hot spot. We stood 3 hours in a queue waiting to be seated and finally quit, went home and they made "eggy bread" - french toast - and saved the day.
However you are celebrated, don't resist the celebration , don't fuss about kitchen clean-up and treasure those hand made cards.

I'm in a complete tizzy - normally the most intrepid of travelers and the certifiable queen of the packing light tribe, I'm overwhelmed with excess baggage (literal - I've dumped most of the metaphorical) and at the mercy of something in airline speak called 'codeshare' - booked on one airline but they have transferred me to another carrier for the last and longest leg of my journey to Ethiopia and there is major confusion about baggage allowances. My bags are heavy because my children over there have taken the opportunity to order all sorts of 'essentials' not readily available in sub-saharan Africa and I'm the wagon train so to speak. Ah well, can't control what I don't know so I've decided to stop agonizing and enjoy this beautiful day in Tucson. My son, son-in-law and grandsons are making brunch for my daughter and I and I look forward to the gathering.

Breaking my outbound journey to Addis with three days in England. Shall visit my youngest brother and his wife and go to my parent's grave. I'll pay tribute there to a mother who did her very best with the skills she had and who, in retrospect, taught me so much. Some gifts are simply not immediately recognized as such.

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