Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Nice Cup of Tea and Bobcats

It's a perfect morning that began on the high note of a G Chat with with my son and daughter-in-law in Ethiopia. I made tea and took it out to the front garden. Was conscious of a musty scent in the air. A small movement behind a brittlebush on the hillside caught my eye and there I watched two Bobcats making their way across the hillside on direct eye level with me . (My garden is carved out of the hillside). What a treat and what elegant, beautifully marked creatures. Immediately to the east of my property is a wash with a culvert that runs under the main road and it appears that I'm on a a daily migration route for several species of wild life....Javelinas for the most part but this is the third time now that I've seen the Bobcat couple.

My life is rich with family, friends and interests but it's on mornings like this when such a gift of nature is placed in my hands that I feel extraordinarily lonely. What I wouldn't give to have a partner with whom to share these treasures.

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