Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Blessings

This is a charmed week! Just in an e mail from the friends with the 2 ft. long rattlesnake in residence. It appeared again this morning to sun itself by their pool - this time Jim kept an eye on it while waiting for the fire department to come out so they were able to successfully relocate it.
Went for routine mammogram and was totally charmed by a woman in the waiting room. 90 years old in May - perky, bright-eyed, engaged with the world. Filling out the history form she made some rather tart comments in reference to the section on whether or not she was pregnant. I hope for similar spirit when I reach that age. She was wearing emerald green sneakers.
Then the dentist. It seems that this time every year I get an infection under the same tooth. Injected with antibiotic and a hug later "no charge" he tells me, "you make me smile".
Stopped at my local Starbucks for my usual double espresso with just a touch of steamed milk. "On the house" the cheeky young man tells me. "Why" I ask? "Because I feel good today" he responds. And then adds soto voice , "we saw you coming, I made your drink and so did Becky ... we'd have to throw one away!"
Hummingbird junior has poked his/her head over the rim of the nest several times in the past half hour ....surveying the world ready for flight lessons - such incredibly tiny creatures.
Hamish is under my desk hiding out. Despite repeated negative experiences he can't resist snapping at wasps and once again he caught one. I guess this old dog is not about to learn.
As for me, I'm learning that facing the world head up and with a smile works magic.

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