Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Java Pigs are back

Javelina's, or Java Pigs as a friend calls them came cruising around 6 p.m. yesterday. I'd rewarded myself for day of housework and taken a glass of wine out onto the deck along with binoculars (no, not spying on the neighbors - birds). A slight movement across the road caught my eye and then the full parade came on including a mom with two of the tiniest babies I've seen. My gate was wide open and I had newly planted Yucca. The first contingent marched across the driveway, ignored the open gate and continued on into the wash. The rear guard, two young males, struck a pose and definitely considered coming in but by waving arms and shouting "shoo" I deterred them and they too continued on. Hamish meanwhile sat on the deck emitting the occasional mellow "woof".

This is a neighborhood family group; I often see them on morning walks and dog and I beat a hasty retreat. I'm told that they are not related to pigs; that they are from the cameloid family. Whatever their origins I never fail to thrill at seeing wild creatures in their natural habitat. The biggest thrill so far at this house was sighting two Bobcats sunning themselves in a Palo Verde tree just outside my gate on the day after Christmas. I didn't have my camera handy then nor last night but I'm ready now.

Packus Ratus Gigantus and his family is back too so I have to start baiting the trap routine all over again. I'm desperate to keep them out of the garage. I also know something is living in the log pile because Hamish runs straight to it whenever he's in the lower garden area. Hmm, not so keen on figuring that one out - but I do have a house guest arriving today!

I love living in the desert - the morning chorus and antics of the Gambrel Quail families are an endless delight, as is the light that creeps over the Catalina's just after dawn.

I'm on grandma duty this morning. The 7 year old grandson is not feeling well so he's coming to snuffle and sniff away the morning at my house. If this plays out par for course, he'll be miraculously recovered within an hour of being dropped off and we'll go out for coffee!

Just about ready to turn over the Tucson Page of Connections for Women and we've got our first thread going on the Discussion Board.


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  1. Dude, and I thought this post was going to be about sexist guys who program in Java! HAAHAHHH

  2. Oh, so politically incorrect. Guys - sexist? Never!

    Noted a tweet reminding me that Javelina's are not pigs. Absolutely not - belong to the Cameloid family...difficult to believe but true.


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