Thursday, April 9, 2009

Grandmas Gone Wild

Don't get excited. We're talking about T shirts but not wet ones! Chris and I did our raid on the Carter outlet yesterday and cleaned up big time. Amazing discounts on so called seasonal clothing for toddlers....seasonal meant anything remotely connected with cool weather and since Ethiopia is heading into winter, that's exactly what we were looking for.
This little girl is going to be pink and frilly but also practical in that we found great little yoga pants and tops, dresses with matching leggings , Mary Jane style shoes in pink with no slip tread soles and so much more. The nice thing too here is that as Maxine outgrows clothes, they are passed down to needy children.
Our entire haul of about 20 mix and match outfits and two pairs of shoes was less than the cost of 3 outfits we priced at an upscale kiddies store - and they were on sale! Years ago I was a partner in a retail clothing boutique and after seeing the mark-ups taken by shops I vowed never to pay retail for an article of clothing again.
When my daughter was small I made a lot of her clothes and I don't think she's ever forgiven me for the bell bottoms in white polyester printed with the words "Love" , "Match", "Game". She hauls out that photo to prove nature overcomes nurture in that she survived my lousy taste back then. The boys were more fortunate in that once we moved to Tucson and they were liberated from Midwest proper shirts, ties and jackets, I discovered a boutique that sold wonderful, fun children's clothing. I didn't realise however that once again the Mom concept of cute was taking a disasterous toll on their social and academic life. I sent Ben to kindergarten wearing a sweater with a mouse on the front, when you pressed the nose, the mouse squeeked! Other kids found this delightful but I got called and asked to bring a "normal" sweater to the school. Nick's fall from the cool crowd came by way of the sneakers that had a large lion face with a mane bobble on the toes. He finally asked if he could have "normal" shoes.
I have a load of Connections For Women work to do today but first it's walk the dog time - make that a slow amble, he likes to take his time and get all his sniffs in.

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