Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grandmas can do what they want!

This afternoon I get to play! My grand daughter is in Ethiopia with her parents and the other other grandma and I are going to the Carter's outlet this afternoon to load up on size 2T outfits for her. We'll ignore the parents and go overboard on frills and pink. I leave for two months in Ethiopia in a month and so my suitcase will primarily be packed with things they cannot get over there. We G Mail talk at least once a week and this morning Maxine very clearly said "I go outside" She also said "no" several times in a very authoritative, don't mess with me voice! I know, soppy grandma getting all teared up over baby steps. Can't wait to see her. Her aunt Lisa Fedexed a whole girly package a few weeks ago. Pink boa, gauzy skirt, fairy wings and wand - the works. She commented that she hoped the package got through and didn't fall into the hands of pirates along the coast. My son assured me this morning that I should bring trucks. "She plays with trucks" he said. Fat chance.

I spent yesterday in mud glorious mud, wallowing in my garden. Well, I had to create the mud since it's as dry as a desert here in the Sonoran Desert this month. I divided an Agarve with the delightful name of Manfreda Macho Mocha! I planted three single guys a year ago and as they overflowed their pots they multiplied - there were over 20 offspring! A friend got me back for my stealth dumping on doorsteps of my more than abundant crop of eggplant last year - I found a basket of beets on my doorstep. Good, love to roast them and dress them with a little bit of grated orange zest and chopped parsley for a lovely cold salad. I transplanted seedlings, pruned and tied vines and all in all, am pretty pleased with my now 15 month old garden. It's got the woolly, untamed look that I enjoy and is a great attraction for hummingbirds and butterflies as well as a prolific source of salad greens, spring onions, red kale, radicchio and herbs right now.
Saturday I'm visiting a local community garden. I'm anxious to learn the ropes and see if I can start one in my neighborhood. Will post the findings in next week.
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  1. Grandparents are truly the best! I absolutely love the relationship my children have with their grandparents. And yes, they get to spoil away! Have an amazing time in Ethiopia! I really enjoyed your post. You've also inspired me to get going on my spring garden. Even my children having been asking me...."when are you buying seeds, Mom?" :)


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