Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Four

I'm all for cultural fusion but am the very last person you want to invite to a major sporting event (except sheep dog trials); so knowing full well that not even my nearest and dearest will invite me to watch the Final Four games with them, I 'm doing my bit by suggesting that you score as either guest or host by ditching the hot dogs and making Cornish Pasties.

It's been an exciting week at Connections For Women - the going interactive element that has eluded us for so long is finally in place.

Spring and all those good new life shoots emerging from thawing earth puts me in mind of renewal. I scheduled a sort of 60K mile personal maintenance for this month. Bone density, eye exam, general physical....that sort of stuff. Certainly doesn't hurt to keep the motor running as smoothly as possible. Interesting comment from Michelle Obama to Oprah . They were talking about exercise routines and taking care of oneself. The First Lady commented that she knew full well that if she needed to make time for her girls, she would do so and realised that making time for herself should also be a priority.- something we women are not very good at. Jenny Anchondo has a great "fit it in anytime " practical work out for all fitness levels. Check it out.

Tomorrow, if the wind dies down, will be a major spring planting day. I love getting my hands in the soil and anticipating harvest.

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