Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Far Away Tweets

Are any of you birders? I'm not the fanatical list keeping type of birder but I can easily lose an hour watching a single bird as I did this morning. Mom hummingbird was on and off the nest and I set up my spotting scope for a great view. Scrawny looking kid she's got ...all beak!
I carry binoculars and bird book wherever I go and do occasionally make notes; for the most part I just marvel at the variety and beauty out there.

Came across a terrific new support for travelling birders looking for a birding pal along the way. - lists local birdwatchers in all corners of the world and provides e mail addresses so you can meet virtually and get the scoop, even a tour, once you arrive at a destination. I've already connected with someone in Ethiopia. What fun this internet (and birds) be!

However I am not so thrilled with the Gambrel Quail family who have taken up residence. They are systematically and neatly biting off leaves from my red cabbage plants. I've tried explaining that the bird block is for them but no - they seem intent on the cabbage. Perhaps I should mention I'm thinking of Quail Braised in Red Cabbage as a Date Night Dinner! They are rather endearing - hang out as a couple and share responsibility for the kids.

Apropos of Genny's rattlesnake experience - a friend just e mailed to say he almost stepped on a twofooter one on his patio this morning. They called the fire department for humane removal but the firemen couldn't find it. That means it's out there in their garden somewhere....just gives me the willies thinking about it.

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