Monday, April 13, 2009

Eight Pounds, Post-Menopausal with Attitude

What does it take to be heard around here? I think of myself as pretty darn cute, maybe a little annoying with an edge about me but overall precious. I am 10 years old for goodness sakes. That is 70 years old in human years. The lengths I must go to just to let them know I am hungry…FEED ME. Can’t manipulate a can opener or I would feed myself.

So what do I do to get noticed you asked? Well, I grab one of the many balls around the house and start playing soccer with it, barking and carrying on. Really. It is exhausting and why this catches their attention I will never know. Works every time. I should win an Oscar, an Emmy or a gold medal, something. Tummy is full….nap time.

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