Friday, January 16, 2009

Strong women, micro economies and a beautiful day.

I've had a good 10 days - have kept my promise to self to organise my grocery shopping, plan menus and cook. So far a perfect score. The office has regained it's sanity too - filing done, desk and tabletop clear - amazing what a difference it makes to be organised! Obviously I'm basking in the glow of the newly converted. Let's see how long I keep it up.
Had a pretty gut wrenching interview last with with Erina Delic, manager of the Tucson International Alliance of Refugee Communities. When you meet strong women, the lasting impression is one of hope. This woman is remarkable in both her own story and the work she does for TIARC. Check out the story through the link above.
It was a week for strong women! I also met and interviewed Roxanne Garcia for a story on the micro economy behind farmer's markets. We met at the Sunday Farmer's Market that she manages and coordinates in beautiful St. Philip's Plaza in Tucson. If you are ever in our fair city I suggest a visit to this regular happening. You can get coffee and breakfast on the go there and take in the music, scents and sights.
My third strong woman of the week is my daughter - wife, mother, partner in a law firm, Smith College board member, bike rider, dog lover and a dear friend. She turned 40 this last week and the accolades from colleagues at a party I attended for her warmed this mother's heart. You know when you've done well as a parent when at gatherings you are hailed as "oh you are Lisa, Ben, Nick's mother"and the person addressing you is not serving a warrant! ....I don't mind losing my identity under those circumstances. I do grimace somewhat at the dog park when I am referred to as "Hamishs' mother". I suppose the likeness is hair was once the same glorious color as his.
Harvesting salad greens on a regular basis and a few strawberries a week but the rest of my garden has taken a hit from the frosts we had recently; now we are into unseasonably warm weather. During the cold snap I refilled bird feeders and my cardinal couple is back along with flocks of rosy, yellow and regular house finches. I keep a lot of hummingbird friendly plants in the little front walled-in area and the hummingbirds appear to stay year round. I marvel at their stamina and how much energy they have to devote to survival.
I'm more and more conscious (even up here in the foothills in my somewhat rarefied neighborhood) of sale by foreclosure signs as I drive around town. Several well established , and I thought well insulated, local restaurants closed in the past two weeks along with small coffee shops and mom and pop stores. President Elect Obama is correct in telling us not to expect miracles and to work together to dig ourselves out of this hole we are in. I'm sure, like me, many of you took a hit on pension plans and 401k''s grim. I know personally two men who lost jobs last week and now today read that Circuit City is closing all its stores. In many ways it is a good time to look into micro business concepts that can be run from home and supplement the family income. At Connections For Women Genny and I have been discussing that thought and are actively seeking an author who can write for us on the topic. Roxanne Garcia, who I mentioned above, is articulate on the subject and as we toured the farmer's market last week she introduced me to several women who had re-invented themselves with a small business. My partner in Connections For Women, Genny, belongs to NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and is constantly impressed with the quality of women she meets in our local chapter and the determination that fuels their dreams.
Today is an anniversary. My husband died four year ago this day. I had a dream about him last night - something that rarely happens. I look back on the four year since his death and at times find it difficult to remember when we were a couple. I guess the mind helps you heal in many different way and moving on with life is just one of them. I don't keep a shrine and I have sold the house we owned together but there are glimpses of his influence on my life throughout my small world. I can see books on the shelf that we both read, a particular kitchen gadget that we purchased together and of course the dog....Hamish was definitely David's dog and he an I had a very uneasy truce for while there after David was gone. I think he is all mine now....wherever thou goest , there goest he....he rarely leaves my side. He's a great dog - the vet thinks Chow/Yorkshire terrier mix - I know , don't go there. All personality and cute . Really, I don't go around talking to him on a very deep level but we do occasionally discuss the weather and what's for dinner. The cat is 18 and a half. used to be a big girl but she's very bony now. Still pretty and friendly. I thought I was close to losing her last week but she re-bounded from whatever was ailing her and is right now sitting on the front step surveying the garden. I'm going to head out to Agua Caliente Park with my binoculars and go for a walk. It's a wonderful oasis in the desert and the ponds there attract migrating birds.

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