Sunday, December 7, 2008

From a balcony overlooking the Pacific....

So I'm not escaping horrendous winter weather states side but I am luxuriating in a perfect December day in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. This is my second December visit to this lovely country...I'm hooked on the flora, fauna and even the 3 ft. long (make that 52ft. long when it scared the wits out of me last night) iguana who seems to appear in the path between my villa and the dining pavilion whenever I head that way. I did a punishing day trip to Nicarauga yesterday that I'll write about for January because of the tour van driver who was a maniac and the amount of time we sat at the border crossing...all in all though I'm glad I made the trip and will most likely go back to the time with a more trustworthy tour company.
Costa Ricans are uniformally warm and giving...nothing but smiles and help offered and unlike other south and Central American countries, the use of children for begging is frowned upon and one can walk freely without being badgered.
Exciting news for connections readers...I've negotiated with the owners of Villas Sol (where I stay) a fantastic package as a give -away for our registered Platinum members ...more in January but I can guarantee you'll like it (includes a massage and sail boat trip!) anyway, what's not to like about this vibrant country.
Lunch calls....
and lest I forget...a congratulations to my partner in Connections for Women, Genny Esterline and to Chip Shaw....they announced their engagement this weekend. Couldn't happen to a nicer couple.


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