Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cold Snap In Tucson

This morning I received an email from a Chicago based friend complaining of the bitter cold and snow. By way of contrast our weather report here in Tucson is for a "cooling" trend which means we probably won't get above 74F today! Sometimes I miss those bad weather days that forced you to stay indoors, clean out closets, do the filing you've been putting off and, my favorite bad weather activity - make soup. I'm looking out into my garden where roses are in a final bloom of the year and where frost tender plants have been draped in "plantkets" (clever marketing) to protect them from the frost...we do get significant daily temperature variations and a frost at this time of the year is possible.
I'm heading to Costa Rica for a few days in the morning and am taking along Baby Mac and a lot of Connections homework. January issue is shaping up well and we are excited about new 'specials' available to Platinum members...hopefully I'll launch that news whilst away...just fine tuning some of the behind the scenes stuff involving web site . I can tell you that we have a really fun idea involving an on-line dating makeover! Stay tuned.
If you are in this blessed part of the world check out the Tucson Page lead article...some really neat things to do around the area that won't break the bank (some free and all under $10) that are guaranteed to give you a taste of the holidays Old Pueblo style...what we lack in snow we make up for in wonderful traditions.

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