Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Year To Celebrate

I can not believe it has been one year already that we have been "live" with Gerry and I are about to put the 12th issue to rest and bring in the new year Celebrating all of the wonderful choices we have made along the way. Alot of reflecting has been going on. What is working, what isn't, what do you ,our readers, like and what would you like to see in the future.

We have been so fortunate with the authors that have come on board believing in our mission to support you in every way we can. From the beginning Lorie Marrero, from has contributed dynamite articles for us. Thank you Lorie, we look forward to every month's words of wisdom from you. We were blessed to have Dr. Jackie Black with us for almost a full year. Dr. Rosie Kuhn has been adding and will continue to add her joy in our relationship section. Stephanie Chadwick, our marketing guru from the state of Washington, has been writing for us and even during these trying economic times is able to put pen to paper with great positive words for our members to walk through difficult times. Laurie Mandato, our new fashion expert, has been a huge hit right out of the gate. Dr. Julie Garden-Robinson, an Associate Professor and Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND, is writing articles that will hit home for all of you and help you look at how and what you are putting in your body. We have had fun travel articles from Bridgette Aflalo-Calderon. These just represent our authors outside of Arizona that contribute to our magazine on a regular basis. Heidi Peltier from Austin Texas wrote a heart stopper about the Tooth Fairy, one I will not soon forget. Megan Sanatori in Madison, Wisconsin wrote about her passion with saving the abused animals. So many to name.

Then I travel to the local authors and there are many talented people that have helped make Connections for Women what it is. I always knew that Tucson was special but am still amazed at how many wonderfully talented, giving people continue to present themselves. A very special thank you to Our "Attorney at Love" Jim Duzak for his wonderful words of wisdom to all our women and men each month in our relationship section. Jim's articles have been and I am sure will continue to be a huge hit with our readers. Anne Perry, you have delighted our readers with your wit and to the point life lessons. We look forward to your continued pen. Thank you Sylvia Edwards, Bonnie Marson, Lisa Abrams and Wools Lavelle for continuing to find time to put you thoughts to paper for our members. We and they love you. Northern Trust Bank and Smith and Barney have been very supportive in continuing to provide us articles that help you, our readers, navigate through the financial world. Thank you. There have been so very many more authors that have contributed this last year. We are very excited about our new regular contributing authors from Tucson. Jere' Webb, our financial planner has the knack for putting it simply to help demsytify what our financial markets are doing and what we can do about it. We look forward to your contibution! Joanna Westcott is also helping you, our readers, move forward with your money, your retirement. Thank you. Carie Bauman has a delightful twist on the real estate market helping all of us focus on what we have! Chef Mary Ann Brody has already given great stress relieving tips for holiday preparation. We can not wait for the next article to come around. Her journey to her passion will be quite a tory some day. More new authors to come.....

Behind the scenes there is always something, someone that stands out as an incredible source of support in getting the issue live and working out all of the little bugs each month as well as getting us out there. Hands down Gerry and I are the luckiest people on the planet to have PeltierEffects as our SEO (Search Engine Optimizers). Jeffrey and Heidi, thank you for becoming a part of Connections for Women.

When I sat down to write this I had not intended it to go in this direction but what better way to move forward than to look at what you are so grateful for! Gerry and I want to thank all of our immediate family of Connections for Women for their contributions. Thank you to all of our members and readers for making us what we are today! Remember that we mean what we say...we want to hear from you. What you like, what you don't, what you would like to have here in the future, what can we do better for you.


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  1. Thanks, Genny! Congrats on your 12th issue!

    - Lorie Marrero


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