Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Morn!

Far too many dogs and family and friends in sufficient number, nestled into the cabin on a rainy morning....snow dusting the mountains across the valley suggest (and boys are cheering on this thought) that it might turn to deeper snow. Canada geese are gathering on the pond and small boys are trying to entice adults into their version of Monopoly ...involves lots of ribald 7 and 11 year old male humor. Chris just introduced us to omelet in a bag for breakfast that was a great success. One mini almost disaster, the turkey that Chris and Jim brought up turned out to be a partial bird - breast only, in the pioneering spirit that cabin life nurtures, it's now in the smoker out on the deck. Our other house guests are planning on cooking the complete turkey they brought on a rotisserie. I'm in charge of vegetables and Lisa, as always, is the dessert queen. She had no knowledge of my earlier post on the subject of the green bean and crispy onion dish and arrived yesterday announcing, "I'm making the Lutheran potluck green bean casserole"! Apparently this is an upscale version using fresh beans and the recipe is sourced from Trader Joe's. So far nobody has volunteered the red, white and green jello salad.
It's really not a secret that our talented logo designer is my son Benjamin (and Genny's talented daughter Rachel is the source of our other graphics) now living with his family in Ethiopia. This morning began on a high note when we were able to use SKYPE to connect with them in Addis Ababa as they were getting ready to join people from the US Embassy for a "real" Thanksgiving dinner.

Late yesterday afternoon I marshaled the troops for tamale making and we had a great time and superb crew. 5 lbs of masa yielded around 70 tamales. Some are to be steamed for lunch today and the rest bagged, tagged and frozen....I hope that when they eventually make it to table the recipients will have some sense of the fun and love that went into making them.

The great glove hunt has begun as the kids are determined to get outside and look for any possible hint of snow. I'm holing up to do some editing for the December issue of Wishing all of you who stumble across this post a joyous day.

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