Saturday, November 29, 2008

The last of the turkey!

Nov. 29 2008 It's a sparkling, frosty morning up here in the north eastern corner of Arizona at about 7,400 ft. elevation. Bright blue sky which gives hope for a clear sky tonight and an opportunity to see the conjunction of Saturn and Venus with the new moon...will be a spectacular sight.
House guest numbers are dwindling along with the many more variations on turkey left-overs are there? We made a mammoth BOF (bottom of fridge) soup last night using up all the left-over vegetables. One thing about being 40 miles round trip to a store is that it brings out the 'make-do' gene in all of us - necessity certainly is the mother of invention in this kitchen.
With three dogs eager to get out and run , a major walk through the woods is planned for the next hour or so and then Chris and Jim are loading their wagon train and heading back to Tucson. I'll be left with 11 and 7 year old grandsons and I think their favorite uncle is also staying on until tomorrow.
Meanwhile, thanks to the wonders of technology (no radio or TV up here but I do have wireless internet) , Genny and I have been back and forth finalizing the Dec. issue of Connections ready for a midnight roll over on Sunday. It's the first issue of our second year and we are excited by the quality and breadth of authors we continue to attract. Happy New Connections Year and a massive thank you to Genny who could not be a better partner. Genny, your efficiency, common sense and all round good humor continue to warm my heart. To Heidi and Jeffrey Peltier of Peltier Effects...we could not be happier that you are on the team - continue tickling those spiders!

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